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REO Closing: Elizabeth Fernandez


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The process of finalizing the resale of a foreclosed property to a new owner is called a real estate owned (REO) closing. Unlike a closing between two individual owners, an REO closing has quite a few additional hoops through which to jump. Elizabeth Fernandez, an REO Closing Manager with Bayview Loan Servicing LLC (a subsidiary of Bayview Asset Management, works with The Callins Law Firm to administer the resale transaction and help make the process as smooth as possible.

“I came to Bayview around a year ago and began working with The Callins Law Firm,” says Elizabeth. Having worked in the past with other title firms that were lackluster in their communication and sometimes hard to work with, Elizabeth has been impressed with the professionalism of Callins. “Every time I send them a new project I know I can rely on them to keep me informed of each step in the process and that they’ll notify me should anything come up.”

Additionally, Elizabeth finds that the attorneys at Callins are always available to help explain and walk her through the trickier legal matters. “When it comes to judgments, I know I can rely on them to explain everything to me in a clear and easily understood manner. They boil down all the legal jargon so that the rest of us can know what’s going on and what we need to do next.”

Elizabeth states that her working relationship with The Callins Law Firm has been great. “I’ve got no complaints,” says Elizabeth. “I’m certain that Callins and Bayview will continue to work together well into the future.”

“I know that I can count on The Callins Law Firm to help our business with all of our closing needs and that the work will always be top-notch.”