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Ellis Galyon is a private real estate investor in Metro Atlanta, where his focus is purchasing foreclosures as investment properties. When first getting started as an investor, Ellis, like many, had only a basic understanding of how the process worked. To educate himself, Ellis decided to start attending auctions on the courthouse steps. “I knew some aspects already but needed to see the process in action,” says Ellis. “So I just started going to the auctions and talking with other investors and asking questions.” It was here that another investor referred him to The Callins Law Firm for real estate closings.

Right away, Ellis could tell that working with Joel would be beneficial. “He really understands the entire foreclosure process, something most closing attorneys just don’t get.” Ellis has tried to work with other closing attorneys, but with lackluster results. In one transaction, the attorneys uncovered a lien against the property Ellis was trying to purchase. “They just threw their hands up and said ‘There’s a lien – we can’t close.’ At Callins Law, if they encounter a lien, they are proactive in researching it and seeing what can be done to pay it off and continue my purchase.”

Working with the attorneys at The Callins Law Firm has helped make an often stressful process much easier for everyone involved. “During this process, home buyers can be excitable and nervous,” says Ellis. “Joel and his staff have a way of calming people down by thoroughly explaining the process and answering all their questions.” Ellis has been pleased with the assistance that The Callins Law Firm has provided and routinely recommends them to investors, both novices and seasoned veterans alike.

“The Callins Law Firm has a thorough understanding of the foreclosure process. Their attorneys are responsive, friendly and can help you work through any obstacle.”